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The Christian Conceptual Box

One of the challenges in explaining Buddhism to people amounts to breaking through the Abrahamist — and mostly Christian, in the U.S. —  conceptual box into which people compulsively shove all things “religious.” I discussed conceptual boxes in the last

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Amazon Reviews!

Just announcing that my book is up to seven customer reviews at Amazon, three five-star and four four-star, which gives me, um, 4 and 1/3 stars, or something. I’m not good with numbers. Fortunately it’s not a math book. Please

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Trust and the Kalama Sutta

The Kalama Sutta may be the most quoted Buddhist scripture in the West. Even people who don’t know the Perfections from potatoes can quote the Kalama Sutta to support whatever they want to believe about Buddhism. If the title Kalama

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Ritual, Modernity and Citta

One of the arguments I make in my book Rethinking Religion is that religion is not about adopting supernatural belief systems. Instead, religion is about changing the way we experience and understand our lives and our selves, especially as part

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